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(Don't Be A) Fatshion Victim

Just because its made in your size doesn't mean you should wear it!

Fatshion Victim
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Being beautifully dressed isn't just a right for us Fat Girls—it's A Responsibility! In a world of plus-size tat, how do you find the clothes that will really work for you? They're out there, but you must be choosy.

fatshion_victim promises faithfully:

1) To snark at badly designed plus size clothes that prey on big women's insecurities and pocketbooks
2) To point out great plus size clothes, explaining why they work and for whom
3) To consult and snark about stuff other people post
4) To show you you can look fabulous at any size
5) To scream at bad outfits that make even movie stars and models look absurd
6) To discuss how to put great outfits together
7) To figure out what basic shapes do and don't work for your size/shape/height

So, want an honest and genuinely useful opinion about a piece of plus-size clothing you're thinking of buying? Post a link and get it here!

Anyone may join and post, but the mods reserve the right to delete spammy posts, stuff that's off-topic, or anything we deem abusive, so please play nice.

With your pulchritudinous, snarky, and always-well-accessorized hostesses:

herself_nyc: New York correspondent

lovesbitca: London correspondent